Renting and, upon request, demonstration of our Red Epic Digital Camera.

This Red Epic Digital Camera represents the most advanced stage of digital filming, its recording resolution goes up to 5K (5120(h)x2700(v)pixel, 4 times the 1080p signal. It is used for the most popular Hollywood movies as well as famous fashion magazines.



Red Epic-X

Able to record 96 photograms to the second with a resolution of 5K.


Able to record 25 photograms to the second with a resolution of 4k

Red PRO Prime

RED PRIME Lenses T1.8 18-25-35-50-85-100 mm

Rent cinema camera RED EPIC® Digital with accessories and assistance DIT.

Zeiss MasterPrime

14-18-25-32-40-50-75-100 T1.3

Zeiss Ultra Prime

16-20-24-32-40-50-85-100 T1.9

Zeiss Super Speed

18-25-35-50-85 T1.3


18-24-35-50-85 T1.3